About Me
Home and Heart
I grew up in middle Tennessee.  My dad
loved to fish when he was not working on
the farm or at his profession as a medical
technologist.  He taught me to fish at a
young age.  My mom probably took us
fishing more than dad though because he
worked harder than anyone I have ever
known.  Dad did teach me to fly fish
though.  We would fish small streams for
rock bass (red eye bass), bream, and
small mouth.  Dad also loved to travel.  So,
I made my first trip to the northwest when I
was 12.  I have been going back every
chance I get since then.  I love mountains
and streams.  Fly fishing is my primary
escape from the stress of every day life.  It
is the only thing that I can get lost in.  
When I am fly fishing, the rest of the world
sits still, and I am at peace with it.  The
pictures on this page are from Smoky
Mountain trips.  The next page is from
other trips to other places.  I have fished in
14 states and hope to fish in more in the
future.  Please click on the links to the
guide services and equipment suppliers.  
Good fishing!
Fly Fishing
Deep Creek on the North
Carolina side of the Smokies
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