Beautiful Brown Trout
This trout was caught in the
Straight Fork in early spring.  
While you cannot tell from the
picture the colors were brilliant
as was the scenery.
Hot Tub View
This is the view from the hot tub
at our cabin.  You could be here
too!  Just click on the link in the
cabin page to see more pictures
A Climbing Cub.
Need to get away?  
Our site provides a link to our cabin in
Gatlinburg, Tennessee home of the Great
Smoky mountains.  We would love having
you visit our cabin for some shopping,
hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, or just
plain relaxing.  Please go to the Cabin
photo page for more pictures and a link to
the reservations site.
Need some peaceful away time?
The Smoky Mountains is an excellent
place to find the peace and quiet you are
looking for.  Whether you want to hike,
fish, or drive these mountains provide
beauty and opportunities for serenity.
This site provides links to our cabin, fly
fishing guides and equipment suppliers
as well as pictures of some of my fly
fishing memories.
Outdoor Adventures and Travel
We hope you have a good time while you are here.  Remember the one limitation
that we all have is time.  Please spend yours wisely.  It cannot be purchased or
replayed.  Now, go and make some memories!
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